Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring it on!

Oh, dear Lord, please hear my prayers. I pray to you here and now on my knees, please help my family to heal as we prepare to bury another dear sister. As we recently buried my Mom on September 30th, now, my dearest "Aunt Cookie". OMG, what a woman she was! Talk about an almighty woman of God! The strength I saw in her so many days for so many years, a long marriage and raising eight of the most beautiful children you could ever imagine!!! "Aunt Cookie" was one of those women I always wished I would become some day when I grew up. Fortunately for me, I honestly believe there are numerous qualities I did actually inherit from her.

With my Dad's passing so many years ago, my Mom and "Aunt Cookie" had grown really very close over the years. They had a lot in common with regards to their favorite pasttimes --- crafts and sewing!!! It seems only natural that they both would pass within approximately 6 weeks of each other. They both were strong women in their own rite. Some of the things both of them had to deal with and over come one would not wish on their worst enemy!

Over the years in my 'old' age, I have learned that the Lord does not present us with anything that we cannot handle. It is and will be a very long, long road without our mothers, learning to have them in our lives in a more deep and spiritual way. She is always with us. Is this the best you have Lord? Then, bring it on! We were raised by such strong women, we're much stronger than this.

Love, hugs, prayers and peace to you, my dear cousins, as I truly "feel your pain".